At Rare: we always make sure we deliver above our clients needs & wants. We are growing and we want to build, not only an agency, but a family of likeminded people. We are curious, reliable, openminded and great listeners and we want to work with others who are as passionate about their craft as we are.

Open positions

Back-end developer

Rare: is looking for a proactive, confident and adaptable Mid-Weight back-end developer to take a new exciting MVP to market and beyond.

Qualitative consultant (Freelance)

Rare: is looking for an experienced, confident and adaptable qualitative researcher.

Research Intern

Rare: is looking for an ambitious Research Intern to support our busy team.


Rare: is an audience insights consultancy. Rare: was created from a desire to ask the right questions and bring strategy to life. We do it by generating insights about your audience's needs,  transforming your internal capabilities, and helping you deliver on your customer promise.

We are not an agency. We build long lasting relationships with clients, ensuring that they are ready to deliver on their customer promise. As well as setting the roadmap we help businesses transform from the inside out, helping them to achieve their goals.

We provide clarity and context. From brand research, customer research, audience segmentation, advertising effectiveness and beyond... we use the perfect blend of qualitative and quantitative research techniques to provide clients with clarity to their everyday marketing problems.

We don’t just write a research report and walk away. We help clients develop effective marketing strategies to ensure customer first-success. We start by understanding the underlying motivations of what customer want, and help clients get ready to deliver on this promise, by helping them transform from the inside.

Please, if you are interested in working with us, get in touch at:
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