Everything starts with a question

Rare: was created from a desire to ask the right questions and bring strategy to life. By generating insights about your audience's needs,  transforming your internal capabilities, and helping you deliver on your customer promise.


Our capabilities

We provide research & insights across 3 key areas:



‘What are my culture barriers to growth?’

To win in the marketplace you must first win in the workplace.

Organisational culture is an often used phrase, but it can be hard to put a finger on what it actually means. When people talk about culture, they often mean behaviour. Using proprietary methodologies. We help business leaders identify their organisational culture and how to overcome cultural barriers to growth.

  • Cultural Diagnostics
    Measuring organizational culture and behaviour and identifying blockers to growth using a proprietary methodology.


‘What do people think of our brand and what we have to say?’

Brands invest considerable amounts of time, effort and money defining their brand identity, however this image may not be reflective of how the target audience views it. Assessing how people perceive your brand experience can be achieved in many ways.


  • Brand perception research
    Measuring peoples’ perception of your brand against a target population to understand whether your brand message is working effectively.
  • Campaign Effectiveness
    Measuring the impact of your marketing campaign on people’s perception, to understand whether your campaign has resonated and your creative cuts through.
  • User Testing
    Evaluate the experience your product creates with user testing, in a lab or real life setting.


  • Content Strategy
    Using primary customer research we define meaning to your content, ensuring that it has purpose for the customer journey.
  • Brand Strategy
    Driven by customer insights, we help clients develop clear and compelling value proposition that resonate for your team and most importantly, your customer.


‘What makes your audiences tick?’

A transformative customer-centric culture starts with understanding everything that matters most to your target audience. Consumer expectations constantly evolve from their experiences both inside and outside of your category. Understanding customer behaviour requires constant analysis and validation.

  • Segmentation
    Looking beyond demographics to create a rich and meaningful view of who your customers are and how they behave.
  • Customer Research
    We use a blend of methodologies that are best suited to the client needs, from one-to-one interview, focus groups and ethnographic cultural studies to pan-global quantitative surveys, to help us better understand your customers and what drives them
  • Loyalty Research
    Stimulate loyalty for your own business by understanding what really drives loyalty in your category.