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Why Breaking Bad Habits Can Boost Customer Loyalty

It’s a great time to be an entertainment brand - especially those available on subscription.

At the last count, Netflix had reached 139 million paying subscribers worldwide (source: CNN). With its relatively low monthly cost (in comparison to cable and satellite TV providers’ fees) and massive content library, the service is contributing to the ongoing trend of ‘staying in is the new going out’.

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Luxury Brands: A conversation with Paul Walsh

We interviewed Paul Walsh - who was CEO of the world’s largest spirits group, Diageo, from 2000 to 2013 - for his thoughts on the luxury market. Mr. Walsh has the rare ability to explain his subject in plain but very meaningful words - he knows exactly what he is talking about. We met him on a rainy day in a large conference room in London’s Blackfriars. He started with his own definition of luxury: “For me, luxury means expensive, deserving and self-rewarding.”

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Luxury, Loyalty & Trust

n our four years in the marketing research sector we discovered, and published in this report, that all brands would ultimately like to attain loyalty from their customers, translating into financial benefit and / or personalised offers. This is very common for mainstream low- to mid-price brands, but when it comes to luxury brands, with customer experience and exclusivity play a major role, do the same loyalty strategies apply?

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It’s time to trust

The topic this month has all been about trust and loyalty. With the ever evolving marketplace, it can be hard for brands to retain a loyal customer base. There is evidence to suggest that 'loyalty schemes' don't seem to be driving the returns that brands expect, are Marketing teams perhaps limited by their own imagination when it comes to loyalty?

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What does brand loyalty mean to customers?

There is much being debated around the topic of the Millennial consumer these days, particularly around the topic of loyalty and the argument that they have a higher propensity to be loyal to brands. But what does it mean to be loyal to a brand and how is it being measured across generations?

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