Rare: Insight

Rare: Insight is our own research program. Once a while we conduct research on topics that will help us understand customer's needs, wants and behaviour. Check out some of our recent work and feel free to download any of our research, it's there for you.

True customer loyalty to your brand comes from trust


What makes people loyal to your brand?

We asked over 1000 individuals what loyalty means to them and interviewed some fascinating people at Google Zoo, PA Consulting and Virgin Red. What did we find? The true meaning of customer loyalty and what really drives people to believe in your brand.

A Marketing campaign should take into account true happiness to keep a loyal audience


Why happiness?

According to “In Pursuit of Happiness”, by Cambridge University, trust and happiness are closely linked. We also know that brand trust is worryingly low today. The question is: Can focusing on happiness make up for it?


Ben Pask on the Redefining Loyalty