Rare: Experience

User Testing

When you take something to market, you need to know how to measure the reaction. With Rare: Experience, a blend of user research and consultancy, you’ll discover the conscious and unconscious experiences that lead to successes or problems.


Create Insight

We identify where your customer experience succeeds and fails.

What customers tell you isn’t always what they think, so we use lab testing, eye tracking and mobile user testing too.

In both live and test environments, we’ll discover how fit for purpose your products, services or communications are. Then we’ll explain how to overcome any negativity with experiences that stick.



drive Action

You solve customer problems and innovate through ideation.

Our user testing identifies opportunities you’d likely miss. Our followup ideation workshops empower you to take advantage of them.

Research shows that ideas created in collaborative settings are often the most effective. So we bring all relevant stakeholders to the table to find the best solutions together.



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This has been -by far- the most useful way of gaining insight into end user behaviour.
I am really impressed with how you managed the session, we are extremely pleased with the results.