Cultural Diagnostics

Measuring culture in a business is hard. But understanding how teams and individuals behave, and why,  can assist in helping businesses achieve the culture they want. Typically organisations know something within the business culture isn’t right, especially if they are going through a merger or acquisition or are deploying a new strategy, but can’t put their finger on it.

We provide businesses looking for change the opportunity to measure how their staff feel on a range of key behavioural metrics, from an impartial and independent perspective.



case study

Organisational culture audit: Energy Sector.

The Problem

The energy sector has gone through some considerable change in the last 3 years. Having gone through a recent merger, our client had seen a reduction in profitability and staff retention was under performing. In the space of 18 months the client had seen 67% of their workforce leave the organisation, and wanted to know why.

The Solution

We measured the current organisational behaviour to identify the weaknesses within the organisation.

We kicked off with an interview with leadership to ground our understanding of current organisational  behaviour and any additional insights which may inform our findings. Then the overall company completed a survey that provides matrixed questions against the key behaviours we seek to identify. The data is run through our analysis engine which will define the measures of misalignment. We then add our own context to this before presenting results and actions.