Brand perception research

Marketers go to considerable lengths building brands, however once it's out there, it is up to the public to make up its own view. The most important factor to a brand’s success is how it is perceived in the real world - not the views of the head office, but those of their target audience.

We find the gaps in perception between your brand identity and customers perception, helping you understand what customers really think about your brand. Using a primary research techniques we assess your brand and key competitors across all key brand KPI’s such as awareness, likeability, consideration, NPS and against your own brand attributes and personality.


case study

Brand perception research: Retail

The problem

A global retailer came to us with the following problem - both online search and store visits were down across key market territoires. This came at a time when many competitors were also seeing a slump in performance.

The solution

We designed and implemented a three phased research project to establish whether there was an issue with brand perception, the competitive landscape, or the market in general, across central America and EMEA.

Rare are impressive with their wealth of knowledge and insight.
— Group VP Marketing
It’s a very great insight which will help us to better understand the market, thanks again for all the work it’s definitely helping us a lot to better understand these issues.
— Global Brand Marketing & PR Director

Marketing Campaign Effectiveness

From message, placement and creative… there are many elements needed in creating the perfect ad campaign, yet it can be difficult to isolate how each contributes.

Our Rare: AdWorks solution enables you to, measure performance of your online advertising campaign across platforms. This in-depth post campaign evaluation help us understand the impact of the campaign on your target audience and identifies the success of the campaign on brand recall, brand linkage, message cut through and creative evaluation.

Rare helps you evaluate the effectiveness of your marketing campaign

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User Testing

What a user says and what they do can sometimes be very different. Observing how people interact with your product can sometimes reveal insights that you previously hadn’t imagined.

To avoid the issues of respondent bias we offer a range of claimed and observed methodologies to tap into the conscious and conscious factors that influence user behaviour.



User Testing: Telecommunications

The problem

The telecommunications client offers software security through a 3rd party software security business. They wanted to promote product to their current database. After an initial activation, conversion rate was below expectations and the client wanted to know why.

The client’s hypothesis was that this was being caused by inadequate market positioning, rather than with the user experience of downloading and installing software. During client consultation we recommended an approach to research, that would establish both of these issues with user testing labs and qualitative interviews.

The solution

We developed a research approach that combines observed and claimed research. In a user testing lab environment we asked respondents to download the software onto a device, and observed the journey and decision making process. We monitored their behaviour using PIP camera and room cameras and then conducted 1-to-1 interviews about their attitudes towards the process and their needs with regard to software security.

During analysis we recorded the barriers, journeys and decision-making processes, augmenting these findings with insights from the interviews. We delivered a PDF presentation with user journey maps, qual & quant analysis, and excerpts of video footage and respondent quotes as part of the output. The research has had considerable impact for the client, who has since presented at international annual conferences.

This has been -by far- the most useful way of gaining insight into end user behaviour.
— Customer Lifecycle Marketing Manager
I am really impressed with how you managed the session, we are extremely pleased with the results.
— Marketing Consultant

Communications: Strategy

Content Strategy

These days, brands feel the urge to be ‘always on’. In the content race it can be difficult to stay relevant and content with no purpose is just noise.

Working with you we will help define your audience base with segmentation research. Using a blend of secondary data we understand which marketing touch points are most relevant to your audiences so that all relevant channels are in play, along the customer journey.

With this in place we define the key content drivers for each audience and map out the content that matters most to them, along the customer journey.


The problem

A global professional services client, wanted to develop a  content strategy for a new brand launch. Working with the incumbent content production agency We developed a content strategy that provided the basis for a 2 year content delivery across 22 countries. The brief was to help the client get content to market in 4 weeks, which required us to work in a dynamic and agile fashion.


We began by conducting desk research and 1-2-1 interviews with business owners to identify their content needs, and gaps in the market. We ran a series of workshops with the client to create indicative personas of the target audience. In addition we ran immersions session with the editorial teams putting them into the feet for the target audience. Finally we deployed surveys out to the clients global CRM database to quantify the content themes that would be of interest to the target audience, against each country. This formed the bases of the final approach to content for global roll out.

Brand Strategy

Markets continually change and evolve. With this, businesses need to ensure that their brand remains unique in its market and consistent with its core values. We know from our own research that brand relationships are emotional.

We use our proprietary planning frameworks to uncover how your brand sits within it’s category, within the minds and lives of it’s customers, and with the products and services it provides. We seek to uncover everything you already know about how customers feel and think towards your brand and how they engage with your business across all touch points, and then identify the attributes that best describe the offering. We create compelling brand stories, tied to your core brand proposition, which is built on the values shared between you and your customers.


The problem

The travel market is highly competitive, with new players entering and disrupting the market. Our client had a unique product product, however customer feedback showed that the brand was not unique and struggling to cut through the noise.


We began by conducting desk research,  analysis of customer feedback and interviews with the client’s senior management team. Taking these inputs we ran a series of workshops with the senior management team, helping them to build out a consistent and singular view of the brand, to take to market.

Really useful. We have sharpened our message as a result.
— CEO & Founder