Redefining Customer Loyalty

Ask 10 different people what loyalty is and you’ll probably get 10 different answers, so relying on points for purchases just isn’t enough.
In this session we uncover what it truly means to love a brand and how this relates to the the common tactics you can use to create consumer behaviour and encourage repeat purchases.
Using case studies and real examples throughout the day, this practical one-day course provides you with the strategic planning tools to take a compelling loyalty proposition to market.



Redefining the meaning of true customer loyalty.

The day starts with exploring the meaning of customer loyalty. What does it mean to be loyal? Is it something we feel, think or do? And how does this differ in the eye of a consumer and that of a business?

Exploring several different types of loyalty programs and schemes, from rational to experiential to emotional, we link their successes and failures to the psychology of consumer loyalty. This helps you understand why certain values and rewards resonate with some people more than others.

Further context follows, with a simple analysis of the building blocks for developing loyalty and how ‘bought’ and ‘earned’ loyalties are fundamentally different, but connected. We also define the insights and metrics to consider when trying to understand which rewards matter most to which people.

Throughout the day, we ask you to get involved by using your own real-life examples and by taking part in a series of exercises and tasks.

Finally, we lay out a step-by-step framework for building an effective loyalty strategy, with a strategic approach you can share and use in your specific organisation.

Who should attend

This course is ideal for both traditional and digital marketers who want a more thorough understanding of customer loyalty. Perfect for people who need to align multiple sources of information to drive meaningful insights, and uncover what truly influences and affects customer relationships.

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Fantastic knowledge on the subject presented, great graphics with great knowledge kept everyone interested.
— Group Account Director