Rare: Innovation Index

Winter 2015

The Research

The Rare: Innovation Index is a research partnership between Rare: and the Digital Innovation Centre at Manchester Metropolitan University seeking to understand current practices and discover the barriers to creating a culture of innovation amongst UK businesses.

The research takes opinions from full-time workers in the UK business sector, across many levels of seniority and many geographical locations, to get a rounded view of life within an organisation. Fielded by us to the Peanut Labs research panel in July, we surveyed 340 individuals aged between 21-60. A breakdown of the demographic data can be found in the appendix at the end of this report.



The results

The UK needs a confidence boost. Only one in five people who work in the UK (22%) feel ‘highly confident’ their organisation can meet the current demands of innovation. The main barriers being culture (33%), education (30%) and departmental silos (25%).

Many people surveyed (38%) also had a ‘low level of confidence’ in their businesses’ abilities to meet the future demands of innovation. Unsurprising, seeing as the majority of UK businesses (54%) do not currently conduct consumer research, preventing them from understanding what their customers actually want.

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Most importantly it’s about giving people a voice within the business no matter what level they are at.
— Jen Alexander, Marketing Lead Google Digital Academy
As long as you have the right governance structure that sets the culture, the right principles and processes will follow.
— Rachel O’Neale, Multichannel Marketing Director GSK
Only businesses think in categories. Customer expectation is not set by your category, it is set by their experience of customer services.
— Chris Kreinczes, Creative Director Springwise


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