Autumn 2019

The Research

If manufacturers of botulinum toxin and dermal fillers are not aware of how their brand is presented online, how can they manage brand performance?

We set out to investigate how the aesthetics industry is using Instagram through social media analysis, focus groups and interviews with practitioners to unearth critical information for manufacturers, brands, practitioners and consumers.


The findings

Instagram is a vital channel for brands, practitioners, and consumers.

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Instagram should be implemented in a brands/manufacturers digital marketing strategy, it is:

  • A driving force behind practitioners promoting their business. 

  • A vital channel for brands, practitioners, and consumers to get their message out.

  • The fastest growing social media network globally. 

  • Instagram, along with the content posted on the platform is influential in decision making.

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My friend got her lips done last week and she intended to pay...when she got there the practitioners said to her ‘don’t pay, just post photos’ but [they] hadn’t said [that] before she got there...
— Dermal fillers user female, 22

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