Rare: Loyalty Experience Audit


How is your loyalty scheme performing in the eyes of your customers? 


Create Insight

With so many choices on the high street, why would customers take up your loyalty proposition over anyone else, and how long are they likely to remain loyal?

Rare Loyalty Experience Index (RXI) creates a snapshot to help you understand how your proposition compares to your competitors and provides actionable recommendations on how to stimulate loyalty for those that are most valued to your business.

Rare Loyalty Experience Results

Our proprietary framework helps you understand where your loyalty proposition fits both inside and outside of your category. By identifying the reasons why customers love what you do, our RXI framework creates insights that enable you to add value to your offering, in ways that your competitors may have not explored. 

Rare: Loyalty Experience Framework

Making changes can be difficult but we are here to help you through the transformation process helping you to develop a customer-first loyalty strategy that keeps you ahead of the competition.

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This has been -by far- the most useful way of gaining insight.