Demystifying Customer Research

Customer expectations are constantly evolving. What customers feel about your brand, product or service and what they say about it are often two very different things, which can make research complicated. This two-day workshop lifts the lid on the pain points of effective research and provides practical advice for implementing a research programme of your own.



Develop your own customer research programme, in just 2 days.

We start with a high-level view of the pitfalls of customer research, and evaluate the different methodologies that can lead to valuable insights.

Full of real-life case studies, this immersive session helps you think beyond basic analytical tools. You’ll learn how to measure the real drivers of consumer engagement and set the foundation for your perfect marketing strategy.

Who should attend

This two-day session is aimed at aspiring marketers and customer experience enthusiasts who are keen to implement their own research plan.

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Really insightful session.
— Customer Lifecycle Manager