Rare: Customers

Customer Research

What makes your customers tick? Surprisingly, less than half of the businesses in the UK conduct proper research to find out. Rare: Customers makes sure your business isn’t one of them.


Create Insight

We identify the key motivations and behaviours of your customers.

Combining attitudinal and behavioural research, we show you how customers feel and what they do. From one-to-one interviews and focus groups to ethnographic cultural studies and pan-global quantitative surveys, we use a range of methods to fit your needs.


Drive Action

You have the tools to create immersive customer experiences.

We don’t just deliver a report and walk away. Complimenting your audience research, our Rare: Demystifying Customer Research workshop puts your stakeholders in the shoes of your audiences to create the activities that give them what they want.

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Rare consistently brings clarity to complex topics in consumer research and marketing strategy
— Head of Shopper
Really great. Without this as a starting point I wouldn’t be any wiser.
— Head of Consumer Direct