Rare: Loyalty

Customer Loyalty Strategy

It’s easy to give away points and prizes, but are they really what your customers want from a loyalty programme? Rare: Loyalty determines what added value means to the people you serve and helps you build a strategy to deliver it.


Create Insight

We discover what your customers value for their loyalty.

By analysing your infrastructure and relationships, as well as the values and behaviours of your customers, we help you understand how to build lasting relationships.

We make recommendations by balancing the needs of both your business and your customers. Then we help you create a loyalty scheme that works, refining it through ongoing measurement.


Drive Action

You boost customer loyalty through compelling experiences.

We work with stakeholders from your customer support, sales, branding, marketing and e-commerce teams to create a new strategy with a customer focus.

We also provide measurement frameworks that will enable your business to assess and act on customer sentiment on an ongoing basis.


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Understanding the wider loyalty picture and the influence all touch points can have on loyalty. It was also great to review what loyalty actually means.
— Client Services Director