Rare: Opportunities

Category Research

Understand the trends in your market, the experiences that matter to your customers, and the opportunities in front of you with Rare: Opportunities, our suite of practical workshops and bespoke research methods.


Create Insight

We find the key trends and opportunities in your market.

Utilising original and established research, we provide a snapshot of the factors that drive growth in your market, plus recommendations that help you take advantage of them.

Armed with the right insights, you reduce the risks of new initiatives by validating the opportunities.


Drive Action

You develop new product ideas and approaches that stimulate growth.

Together, we go beyond the insights and create a series of ideation workshops, which provide a stimulating environment to come up with new approaches.

Through collaboration with stakeholders in all your teams, we develop the short and long-term plans that give both you and your customers what you want.


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Rare are impressive with their wealth of knowledge and insight.
The Rare: team showed a deep understanding of our brief and created the compelling insights to drive our go-to-market proposition.
— Ali Celiker - CEO