Marketing Strategy Intern

Rare: are looking for a Marketing Strategy Intern (Jan - March 2017 - 3 days a week, open to discussion)

About Rare:

Rare: is an audience insights consultancy. Rare: was created from a desire to ask the right questions and bring strategy to life. We do it by generating insights about your audience's needs,  transforming your internal capabilities, and helping you deliver on your customer promise.

We are not an agency. We build long lasting relationships with clients, ensuring that they are ready to deliver on their customer promise. As well as setting the roadmap we help businesses transform from the inside out, helping them to achieve their goals.

We provide clarity and context. From brand research, customer research, audience segmentation, advertising effectiveness and beyond... we use the perfect blend of qualitative and quantitative research techniques to provide clients with clarity to their everyday marketing problems.

We don’t just write a research report and walk away. We help clients develop effective marketing strategies to ensure customer first-success. We start by understanding the underlying motivations of what customer want, and help clients get ready to deliver on this promise, by helping them transform from the inside.

About the team

We are looking for a Marketing Strategy Intern to join our small team of researchers, marketing strategists and consultants, for 3 months.

At Rare: we work with a network of partners and freelancers so that we can accommodate the variety and ranging scale of projects by pulling in additional specialised resource when needed. We will be looking for a qualitative researcher to work on a number of different projects, as part of our team. The project teams will consist of an assistant researcher and consultant.

About the role

We are looking for an intern to support on live client projects and our own marketing activity. The internship will help you gain insight into marketing strategy and provide you the opportunity to get an understanding of how to solve complicate client problems. Backed with the full support of the team, you will have the opportunity to get stuck into real projects rather than just shadowing.

We are looking for an intern that is naturally curious and analytical in their approach. They should be able to glean practical insight from their research and be confident and pro-active in presenting back their own interpretations and recommendations. They will be able to run all tasks of the project autonomously, but will also be a strong communicator who can work closely with the team of consultants.

Rare: works with clients of all sizes across all industries - from startups, to agencies, to large FMCG brands, B2B automotive and name a few. They will need to be comfortable adapting to different research topics and industries.

Rare: also publishes its own research, so initiative in thinking of consumer - related topics of interest and the ability to write a compelling report / article about it, is welcomed.

Further responsibilities

  • Collaborate on client briefs and support on the delivery of client projects
  • Contribute to sales and marketing through writing marketing content (blog posts, whitepapers, articles for industry publications), writing presentations for clients
  • Support with the implementation of our marketing strategy

About you

  • You love the challenge of solving problems,
  • You are excited by challenges
  • You are an excellent communicator
  • You enjoy working collaboratively with our core team, clients and partners
  • You’re great with clients, working closely to truly understand their needs
  • You are curious
  • You want to share your knowledge and enthusiasm with others by writing, blogging and speaking about what you do.


  • Be comfortable with analytics
  • Good story teller

If you are interested in working with us, please get in touch at:
Recruiting agencies, please abstain.