Rare: Marketing

Marketing Strategy

People believe in your brand for a whole host of reasons. With Rare: Marketing, we help you understand why and, through collaborative workshops, create compelling brand stories that resonate with them.


Create Insight

We identify the real reasons why people choose your brand.

Our proprietary planning frameworks uncover how your brand sits within its category and within the minds and lives of your customers at each stage of their journey.

We determine your shared values, create compelling brand stories that resonate with your customers, and help you build a strategy that’s aligned to your goals.


Drive Action

You build your brand based on shared values that encourage activity.

We help bring every department of your business in line with your brand strategy through brand planning workshops and training.

Facilitating the exchange of knowledge within your business, we challenge perceptions and create a clear path forward for brand development and management.

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Rare: consistently brings clarity to complex topics in consumer research and marketing strategy.
— Head of Shopper
Rare:’s strategic approach to execution provided a unique understanding of the category, which was paramount to a successful beta launch.