Rare: Brands

Brand Research

To understand your customers’ opinions of your brand, you need to understand the multitude of unique encounters that shape them. Rare: Brands gives you the tools to not only assess your identity but to change your customers’ behaviours too.  


Create Insight

We identify the trends and pain points of your user experience.

Through first-hand conversations and in-depth studies, we find the gaps between your brand identity and your customers’ perceptions.  

You’ll discover how you fare against competitors across KPI’s such as awareness, likeability and consideration. And you’ll learn what to do to improve.


drive Action

You take control of your brand identity and change behaviours.

Collaborating with your brand and marketing teams, we realign your activities to improve perception, increase loyalty and inspire action.

Ongoing consultancy is the most effective way to shift and develop brand strategy, making sure the insights are always considered.


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Very collaborative and interactive approach. We don’t do enough of this!
— Head of Social Media
Really useful. We have sharpened our message as a result.
— Founder