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Why Breaking Bad Habits Can Boost Customer Loyalty

It’s a great time to be an entertainment brand - especially those available on subscription.

At the last count, Netflix had reached 139 million paying subscribers worldwide (source: CNN). With its relatively low monthly cost (in comparison to cable and satellite TV providers’ fees) and massive content library, the service is contributing to the ongoing trend of ‘staying in is the new going out’.

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Introducing our latest report: Marketing and Happiness

We are delighted to announce that our latest report Rare: Marketing & Happiness has just been released. This has been something of a passion project for the team here at Rare:. We wanted to explore something different that is fundamentally important to everyone: happiness, and show brands why businesses have a responsibility (and opportunity) to focus on it.

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What does brand loyalty mean to customers?

There is much being debated around the topic of the Millennial consumer these days, particularly around the topic of loyalty and the argument that they have a higher propensity to be loyal to brands. But what does it mean to be loyal to a brand and how is it being measured across generations?

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