Do you have perfect pitch?

In a rapidly changing business environment taking a grounded, agile approach to campaign planning and execution is essential. Condensing the journey from brief to pitch into a one day workshop puts the process under the microscope, developing the participants’ ability to take an adaptive, creative and lean approach. 

Do you have perfect pitch?

Whether its the brief, the brand, agency or all of the new multi-channel opportunities out there, there are now many elements to keep track of that modern marketing can feel like an uphill struggle.

Next-day business pressures often mean that brands and agencies are spitballing through new tactical ideas to keep the mix-skilled boardroom happy, and the brand message, whatever it might well be – front of mind to the ‘consumer’. Often there is little time to ponder the key questions fundamental questions for marketing; why does my brand exist, and why should anyone believe us?

This falls in the context of a landscape that is constantly evolving; new technology develops faster than business can adapt, and nimble start-ups threaten the market space with compelling propositions that stick. For both brands and agencies it can often feel like whacking moles.

Contenxt is king

With the majority of senior decision makers believing their marketing peers lack credibility to impact business strategy, the marketing industry’s form and process is acting as a headwind to the profession. Never before has the time for effective planning and execution become more important.

There is a growing need for marketeers to be lean theorists as well as practitioners, understanding the underlying influences and context that impact the performance of their campaigns, each day.

Often marketing theories come from lofty positions with concepts that can be hard to apply in an agile manner in the working environment. Long form courses, spanning weeks and months don’t allow marketing practitioners to apply their new strategic tool kits each day. The marketing industry is learning a lot from the agile ‘test & learn’ mindset of the tech world.

Confidence in decision making comes from understanding context with acute clarity across the key target audience, the competitive environment, having a strong brand proposition and its product.

Practical toolkits and frameworks that hold true to the core principles of marketing and can be applied each day without the need to run for the university course book are increasingly necessary to help gain clarity and context. It doesn’t have to be complicated to be clever.

To that effect, Rare: and DigInn have come together for the Campaign in a Day course on 26th June. There is no chalk and talk in this fast moving workshop, come along and create a compelling, multi-channel campaign from brief to pitch in just one day. Agencies, client-side marketers and those who commission marketing can all benefit from this immersive, intense and fun filled day, and maybe you will get to find out if you are pitch perfect!

Ben Pask